home inspection

We strongly recommend an inspection for every transaction.

The home inspection checks the condition of the major systems of the house including the structure's exterior, windows, foundation, roof, garage, electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioner, attice and baseement or crawlspace. A pest or dry rot inspection is usually available at an additional charge. We highly recommend a termite inspection due to the moist conditions of our native soils.

If any major problems with the structure or systems of the house are uncovered, you will then have the right to void the sales agreement or to renegotiate the terms of the purchase.


  escrow process & final settlement

What is an Escrow?

Escrow is the deposit of documents and funds with a neutral third party with specific instructions as to how they should be disbursed.

Escrow acts as the clearing house for the exchange and distribution of those documents and funds in connection with transfer or financing of real property.

Someone from the Burke Team will attend the escrow settlement with you to verify the transaction closes as agreed.

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